Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Time!

I was so excited for Halloween (mainly for the candy!) but I was also excited to curl her hair. If only she could have Shirly Temple ringlets everyday. They were adorable, but a lot of work. Did I mention a lot of work? 

Geesh it took me like two hours to curl all that hair. And because I don't plan well I didn't have time to dress up, like I was hoping! Oh well maybe next year. I just love when I have an excuse to dress up :( So anyways, the little guy ended up as the wolf (for little red riding hood).   

My Mom actually made me this hood when I was in Kindergarden, so I thought it would be special for Sage to wear. It was perfect!

It was a fun Halloween with good memories. I want to make a tradition of having cinnamon rolls when we get back from trick or treating. We had pumpkin cinnamon rolls and sugar free pumpkin cake with orange glaze. Yummy! 


A Little Thing Called Life. said...

Very cute! Both of them! Love them!

jimmyrodrics said...

Kids are looking too cute here and decent too.Really love them .Its too good that i haven't seen before it.

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