Friday, October 28, 2011

Cute While It Lasted

This is not really a toddler hairstyle. I was just playing with her hair and ended up with this. And yes it  only lasted a few minutes before taking it out and putting tight pony tails in but it was cute while it lasted. (run on sentence?) Anyway she's been sick so I haven't done much of anything with her hair lately. 

Is that all the excitement you can handle? Haha because I promise there will be more interesting ones coming up. Especially with Halloween this weekend! I'm excited for that. So Stay Tuned for Little Red Riding Hood and the Small Bad Wolf!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dutch Braids

So much for posting every day. It's not easy sometimes. But that means that I can put a bunch of pictures in one post, like I'm going to do here. Now I've always wanted to try a Dutch crown braid like in the tutorial here. I didn't think that Sage's hair was long enough to do the Dutch crown braid all the way around her head so I first tried it like this.

I just started at one ear and did a Dutch braid and when I got to the other end I just kept braiding to the end of the hair without pulling any new hair in and I tied it with an elastic. Then I started the braid again going from right to left incorporating the first braid in. That is why the second row looks thicker. I was so happy with it and it even lasted for a few days :) That is always a plus.

Anyway enough of that one. I was just so excited to learn to do it. I tried it again a few days later when we were going to a football game. I wanted my daughter's hair to be down so she would be warmer, but she can't just simply wear it down because it gets all in her face. So, I thought it would be fun to do a small dutch braid in the front to keep the hair out of her face. 

Next, I decided to get fancy and try a real braided crown. See, on bath days I get so excited to do Sage's hair because it's wet, which makes it much easier to do sometimes. 

So, I found out that her hair is barely long enough. See you start at one end and add hair in from the bottom only until you get to the other side. Then you have to tuck the end of the braid into the other side to make it look like one continuous braid. So it needs to be long enough to make it to the other side.

I think I would do these everyday if my daughter let me. Some days, I have to do much quicker hairstyles like a very messy pony tail to keep it out of her face. And those days do not make their way to this blog ;)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Neon Green Rubber Bands!

I wish that I had tried Rubber Band hairstyles earlier, because they're incredibly easy (which is important!) They end up being very pretty and take a minimal amount of time to do. Here's the first one I ever tried. 

I got the steps of how to do this here. It's actually pretty simple. Once to do it once, you pretty much get the hang of it. 

I know, the rubber bands don't match her outfit. Never use bright green elastic bands unless you have something to match them! Ahh well I went and bought clear elastic band right after this to fix that problem. I used them in the next rubber band hairstyle I did on her. 

I don't know exactly what I did, but it was fun to do something original. I started with 3 ponytails twisted  on each side in the front. Somehow I connected them and ended up with four rubber bands at the end and did a four strand braid, then tied them, then put the flower, then pulled up the rest of the hair in a low pony tail. I actually did a twist braid with the low pony tail, but it got pretty loose because I don't use product in her hair but I just left it! Anyways I had a fun time creating this one!

And the new clear elastic rubber bands were perfect because then she could wear the ponies the next day as well, and it doesn't matter what color her outfit is (this was a 2 day hairstyle :) They were much better then neon green :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fishtail Piggies

This was a really cute hairstyle. I still have yet to do a sideswept fishtail, kind of like I did my french twist braid. I think it would be really pretty that way and it would probably be much easier then doing pigtails. 

These have a wispy little girl pretty look. They are not as firm as a french braid, but very pretty still.

I really like how the next one turned out. I did just one fishtail french and it turned out very pretty. All you do it quickly separate the whole hair into two sections and bring a piece from one side to the opposite section in the back and then bring a piece from the other front side to the opposite section in the back. Now Sage's hair isn't quite long enough for her front pieces to stay in so when I brought the front pieces over to the opposite side I tied it with a clear elastic to a small section of hair to keep it in place. You then continue to do a fishtail braid over top of it to cover the elastic. I just did this three or four times for the front sections to stay in easier and then just did the rest as a regular fishtail. I got this technique here from this video

This would be a beautiful hairstyle on an adult. You could stop braiding at the base of the head and just put it in a low messy bun instead of fishtail braiding all the way to the end or even put it into a simple pony tail at the base of the head. I've tried it on myself, but I didn't use bobby pins or an elastic hair thing to keep the front ends in place so it was a little loose (I don't do pictures of myself ;) 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Happy Boy

I'm sure my little guy feels very left out of this blog so here's my tribute to the happy boy. I just love that face. What is nice about boys, is you don't need to do their hair! I have already had to give him a haircut though (I love cutting hair off!) But with my little girl, I have a harder time fathoming cutting off her hair. why I haven't cut her hair yet.  

7 Months now!
Anyways, This may be a common hairstyle when Sage is older because it's really not much of a hairstyle ;) I straightened her hair (very quickly!) one day. I liked it because I could actually see how long her hair is. When it is all wavy and curly it's hard to tell. 

She looks too old in this picture to me :(

Monday, October 17, 2011

A Bunch!

I really want to just get caught up on all of my older hairstyles so I can be posting current ones each day. So here are a handful of them, each very different. 

This one was fun. I just parted it down the middle and took one side and tied it like beginning of tying a shoe (before you make the bow) and then did it again, making a knot, each time gathering more hair. The thing I like most about it is that it looks like it took some work, but it is sooooo easy. I mean extremely easy! Much easier then braiding. 

Another one that looks like it took some braiding is this. 

This is a common face these days!

I got the idea for this hairstyle at Princess Hairstyles. I know, it looks different then the one on that site. I used a much smaller ribbon and I pulled mine into pigtails. I was so proud of myself though. I've always wanted to use ribbon in braids and whatnot, but it seems too hard. This was fairly easy. 

The next one is neither great or exciting, but I loved it on Sage. Her hair is so curly and wavy and it was nice to just let her waves go (normally it drives me crazy and I want her hair up nice and neat) but this time I made myself do it haha.

She was so happy when I was done!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Free Hobby!

I think what I love most about doing Sage's hair, is it doesn't cost a thing (unless you invest in a few bows). It's like a free hobby! You see, someday I plan to sew and scrapbook and repurpose furniture and all that DIY stuff but all of those darn things take money. For now, I'll just do hair :)

Well I've never been the best french braider, so I practiced on Sage a few times and had fun (even though I had to start over multiple times). I'm far from perfect at it right now and my fingers still feel a bit awkward. Here are a few that turned out really cute.

I just braided each front side and stopped it at the back of her head. I then pulled each braid into the opposite pigtail. It was adorable.

I've also always wanted to do a braided crown on Sage. I couldn't go all the way around her head (it's either not possible because her hair isn't long enough, or I'm just not skilled enough now) But it did look really cute. 

I know this would look much better with a Dutch braid, but I have yet to learn that. Maybe that will be coming up soon.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fishtail Braids!

These next few weren't really planned hairstyles. It is mainly me doing something and trying to make it work. Recently, I've loved the woven fishtail pigtails from Princess Hairstyles. But I try to bring it into one pony tail. Here is an example.

What I did here was the woven fishtail but them brought it into a pony tail and then fishtail braided the pony tail, then put the braid into a bun. Make sense? I hardly know if I can recreate it, but it looks beautiful. It would look great on an adult. It isn't the best style for a toddler though because the hair in the front falls out into her face because it isn't very tight or long enough. But with longer hair (and some bobby pins), it would be great.

This next one took me awhile to get right.

First try

 I did braids in the front to keep it in and then combined them into fishtail braids. The bow hides where the top braids are connected. Anyway I ended up redoing it and turning it into this:

Second try
I like this much better. I just put it into pigtails in the back instead of combining it into one fishtail braid. It looked better. 

Saturday, October 8, 2011


I wanted to feature my new favorite braid and different ways that I've used it. It's a french twist braid. I love it because I'm not the greatest french braider so working with just two strands and twisting is a great start (and so easy!) 

With this style, I separated each side into a pigtail. All you do is take two strands from the front, and twist them, with each strands on the opposite side now and take hair from the top and add it to the top strand. Take hair from the bottom and add it to a bottom strand and then twist again! It's so simple. 

The way I discovered this braid is I was trying to follow a tutorial on a different braid and ended up doing it wrong. So here it is. I've also done a side swept french twist braid with her a couple times and it's my favorite. Here it is.

I know, it looks way too loose for a toddler, but she was very wiggly that morning! I've done it before with much better results but don't have a clear picture of it.