Monday, October 17, 2011

A Bunch!

I really want to just get caught up on all of my older hairstyles so I can be posting current ones each day. So here are a handful of them, each very different. 

This one was fun. I just parted it down the middle and took one side and tied it like beginning of tying a shoe (before you make the bow) and then did it again, making a knot, each time gathering more hair. The thing I like most about it is that it looks like it took some work, but it is sooooo easy. I mean extremely easy! Much easier then braiding. 

Another one that looks like it took some braiding is this. 

This is a common face these days!

I got the idea for this hairstyle at Princess Hairstyles. I know, it looks different then the one on that site. I used a much smaller ribbon and I pulled mine into pigtails. I was so proud of myself though. I've always wanted to use ribbon in braids and whatnot, but it seems too hard. This was fairly easy. 

The next one is neither great or exciting, but I loved it on Sage. Her hair is so curly and wavy and it was nice to just let her waves go (normally it drives me crazy and I want her hair up nice and neat) but this time I made myself do it haha.

She was so happy when I was done!


A Little Thing Called Life. said...

That first one is really neat and I love the ribbon in the next one! Sagey pooh is so sweet! She has no idea how creative her hair looks every day lol.

Jen said...

Yeah I can't wait till she can really appreciate it (if ever!) and want me to do it haha we will see.

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