Friday, October 7, 2011

More Please!

Are three posts in one day too much? I got my first comment from my sister, so now I'm pumped and want to post more! I just have so many pics that I've stored up that I need to get on here.

So, next, is not one that I am most proud of. It's a little sloppy, but fun. If I do it again I'd fix it so the side ponytails go in to each other. I'll show you,

See how that first pony is falling out? Well, I could have easily included it into the next ponytail so it won't fall out. Oh well, that's what this blog is for. Live and learn. It was really cute from the front though. I just took the whole front section from the left side to the right (not in any straight line) just twisting as I went. Then did the same thing for the next section. But for the third section I went the opposite way from right to left. It was messy, but cute.

She just needs some wooden shoes!


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