Thursday, October 6, 2011

First One Ever!

Well I've finally gotten the first post up! I've had the blog made for awhile, just needed my husband to stop doing schoolwork so I could use his computer. 

It's been tough since my good old macbook pro died. It's not easy sharing a computer with the hubby. See schoolwork seems to be more important then me blogging. That just doesn't make sense to me. 

Well I have a lot of pics but I'll start from the beginning. It's fun to watch how my hair skills have evolved since I started doing Sage's hair (not that they're that great or anything).

The basic pigtail braid
Now, I am not the best with a camera so all of my pictures are very flashy, full of iphoto doctored red eyes (which are very black!) and many are blurry because it's not easy to chase a 2 year old around with a camera. 

So here is the first basic hairstyle that I started with in the beginning. It made me feel like I was a good Mom because I braided my daughter's hair. And it was easy.

It is in a tight pigtail and then a braid so it has a better chance of staying in.

So this is a great beginner hairstyle for when your toddler's hair starts getting longer. There will be plenty more coming!

Tata for now!!



A Little Thing Called Life. said...

I wrote a comment here earlier and just saw that it didn't show up :( and now I don't remember everything that I had written :( But I do love the whole layout! You're doing a great job! LOVE it!

Lauren and Travis McDougal said...

I love the hairstyles Jen! I'm just patiently waiting for my daughter to finally get hair. Someday, we'll get to do cute hairstyles!

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