Friday, October 14, 2011

Free Hobby!

I think what I love most about doing Sage's hair, is it doesn't cost a thing (unless you invest in a few bows). It's like a free hobby! You see, someday I plan to sew and scrapbook and repurpose furniture and all that DIY stuff but all of those darn things take money. For now, I'll just do hair :)

Well I've never been the best french braider, so I practiced on Sage a few times and had fun (even though I had to start over multiple times). I'm far from perfect at it right now and my fingers still feel a bit awkward. Here are a few that turned out really cute.

I just braided each front side and stopped it at the back of her head. I then pulled each braid into the opposite pigtail. It was adorable.

I've also always wanted to do a braided crown on Sage. I couldn't go all the way around her head (it's either not possible because her hair isn't long enough, or I'm just not skilled enough now) But it did look really cute. 

I know this would look much better with a Dutch braid, but I have yet to learn that. Maybe that will be coming up soon.


A Little Thing Called Life. said...

LOVE these! They look so neat and tidy! Good job!

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