Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fishtail Braids!

These next few weren't really planned hairstyles. It is mainly me doing something and trying to make it work. Recently, I've loved the woven fishtail pigtails from Princess Hairstyles. But I try to bring it into one pony tail. Here is an example.

What I did here was the woven fishtail but them brought it into a pony tail and then fishtail braided the pony tail, then put the braid into a bun. Make sense? I hardly know if I can recreate it, but it looks beautiful. It would look great on an adult. It isn't the best style for a toddler though because the hair in the front falls out into her face because it isn't very tight or long enough. But with longer hair (and some bobby pins), it would be great.

This next one took me awhile to get right.

First try

 I did braids in the front to keep it in and then combined them into fishtail braids. The bow hides where the top braids are connected. Anyway I ended up redoing it and turning it into this:

Second try
I like this much better. I just put it into pigtails in the back instead of combining it into one fishtail braid. It looked better. 


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