Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Happy Boy

I'm sure my little guy feels very left out of this blog so here's my tribute to the happy boy. I just love that face. What is nice about boys, is you don't need to do their hair! I have already had to give him a haircut though (I love cutting hair off!) But with my little girl, I have a harder time fathoming cutting off her hair. Which....is why I haven't cut her hair yet.  

7 Months now!
Anyways, This may be a common hairstyle when Sage is older because it's really not much of a hairstyle ;) I straightened her hair (very quickly!) one day. I liked it because I could actually see how long her hair is. When it is all wavy and curly it's hard to tell. 

She looks too old in this picture to me :(


James Hansen said...

How pretty! Her hair looks layered with it straight! Haha.. like it's tapered in the front :)

James Hansen said...


James Hansen said...

Oh, and cute jeans!

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