Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fishtail Piggies

This was a really cute hairstyle. I still have yet to do a sideswept fishtail, kind of like I did my french twist braid. I think it would be really pretty that way and it would probably be much easier then doing pigtails. 

These have a wispy little girl pretty look. They are not as firm as a french braid, but very pretty still.

I really like how the next one turned out. I did just one fishtail french and it turned out very pretty. All you do it quickly separate the whole hair into two sections and bring a piece from one side to the opposite section in the back and then bring a piece from the other front side to the opposite section in the back. Now Sage's hair isn't quite long enough for her front pieces to stay in so when I brought the front pieces over to the opposite side I tied it with a clear elastic to a small section of hair to keep it in place. You then continue to do a fishtail braid over top of it to cover the elastic. I just did this three or four times for the front sections to stay in easier and then just did the rest as a regular fishtail. I got this technique here from this video

This would be a beautiful hairstyle on an adult. You could stop braiding at the base of the head and just put it in a low messy bun instead of fishtail braiding all the way to the end or even put it into a simple pony tail at the base of the head. I've tried it on myself, but I didn't use bobby pins or an elastic hair thing to keep the front ends in place so it was a little loose (I don't do pictures of myself ;) 


A Little Thing Called Life. said...

Oh wow! I loved the first one and then saw the second one and loved it even more! I want someone to do this to my hair!

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