Monday, November 7, 2011


I've always been curious about cornrows. So I decided one day to try it. I know some Mommy's hate the idea of cornrows thinking it's torture on the child, but I didn't notice her acting any different from other days I've done her hair. And believe me, my two year old tells me if something hurts!

It was actually really fun to do. Of course Mine aren't as small as some cornrows, but I wanted something quicker so I just did a little bit bigger ones. There are two on each side of her part. And with the hair by her ears, I was going to cornrow as well, but just ended up twisting them because I had taken too long, and my toddler's patience only lasts so long!

The cornrows themselves were pretty simple. They were just a small french braid. Each section I did I sectioned the hairs out that I wanted and pulled the rest into a pony tail, so the hair wouldn't get mixed in with the other hair. 

Once all the cornrows were done, I brought the braids into a big four strand braid. The two side twists are just secured with a rubber band under the four strand braid and it all comes together in a pony tail, which I made a bun with. I love doing these types of hairstyles where I can get creative with how to bring it all together. 

Anyway this was a fun one!


Mom said...

This blog will be forever cherished by this little one, when she wants to know how much her mommy loved having a little girly! May God keep Jen forever near her sweet children and her eternal sweetheart.

Stephanie McKee said...
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Stephanie McKee said...

I saw this listed in the Newark Advocate. When I read it, my heart broke. What a wonderful mom this family was blessed with. This blog made me smile. May God bless her family. I wish you all peace.

info korners said...

Beautiful braid hairstyle and suits the girls she is looking cuteeeeeeeee

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