Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dutch Braids

So much for posting every day. It's not easy sometimes. But that means that I can put a bunch of pictures in one post, like I'm going to do here. Now I've always wanted to try a Dutch crown braid like in the tutorial here. I didn't think that Sage's hair was long enough to do the Dutch crown braid all the way around her head so I first tried it like this.

I just started at one ear and did a Dutch braid and when I got to the other end I just kept braiding to the end of the hair without pulling any new hair in and I tied it with an elastic. Then I started the braid again going from right to left incorporating the first braid in. That is why the second row looks thicker. I was so happy with it and it even lasted for a few days :) That is always a plus.

Anyway enough of that one. I was just so excited to learn to do it. I tried it again a few days later when we were going to a football game. I wanted my daughter's hair to be down so she would be warmer, but she can't just simply wear it down because it gets all in her face. So, I thought it would be fun to do a small dutch braid in the front to keep the hair out of her face. 

Next, I decided to get fancy and try a real braided crown. See, on bath days I get so excited to do Sage's hair because it's wet, which makes it much easier to do sometimes. 

So, I found out that her hair is barely long enough. See you start at one end and add hair in from the bottom only until you get to the other side. Then you have to tuck the end of the braid into the other side to make it look like one continuous braid. So it needs to be long enough to make it to the other side.

I think I would do these everyday if my daughter let me. Some days, I have to do much quicker hairstyles like a very messy pony tail to keep it out of her face. And those days do not make their way to this blog ;)


A Little Thing Called Life. said...

Love all of them! My favorite one might be that simple small one. Her hair braids so prettily! I think Tali has that same shirt in that last picture, cut in orange and brown colors! lol is that one of the ones you got from Carter's at Cosco? I miss you terribly.

Jen said...

Yeah that's one of the ones from Costco!

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